Second Email From The MTC…and probably the last from the MTC.

Hello Everyone! Thank you so much for being awesome! I love you all so very much! You have no idea how much I’ve been wanting to email you all this week and tell you all of the fun adventures I’ve been having. It is so true that weeks feel like days and days feel like weeks. This first week flew by right before my eyes, but the days certainly have been going by slowly, but the good thing is that I’ve been getting more out of my day by waking up at 6:15 and going to bed at 10:30. I never realized how much could get done in a single day! It’s amazing! Any who, that’s my realization of the week. Haha! Well, I don’t have a lot of time, so I will be writing this very quickly and hopefully with no typos.
Okay, so Day 1.
Jan 15: I was able to visit my moms parents just before I entered the MTC actually on Jan 14, but then my family members in Utah took me to Cafe Rio for lunch and dropped me off at the MTC. We had orientation and meet the local church authorities. It was great, we sang Armies of Helamen but instead of singing “We will be the Lord’s missionaries” we sang, “And we are now are the Lord’s missionaries” and I like started to get a little emotional and pumped about being a missionary! We got to meet our teachers in our classroom which actually is a our district classroom so, everyone is a part of our district unit on our zone (a larger unit of districts). I also got to meet my companions Elder Smith and Elder Eldridge. So that is pretty much how my first day went.






Day 2 Jan 16:

We had a meeting called People and Purpose where we learned why we are hear, what we are going to learn and where we are going. We met our Progressing investigator “Joe” who is really one of our teachers acting as an investigator. Then we had a our first meeting with the Branch Presidency and they are awesome and so kind and caring, there I was interviewed and I was asked to be District Leader for District 44 A. My role is to watch over my district and help them in anything in all that they do.

Day 3 Jan 17:
Today was great because we were able to visit the Provo Temple! It was such an amazing experience and the temples in Utah are much larger than the ones back home. By the way, our teachers names are Brother Stanley and Brother Bettilyon. They are awesome and I’ve been learning so much from them!



Day 4 Jan 18:

Had a lot of class time today learning how to teach effectively and understanding that we are here to help people come unto Christ, not just teach. As one of my duties as District Leader is to get the mail for my district, so please please please, send me letters, I will try to respond to these but it would be awesome if you told me how your day was because I think you just write them online, and they print them the day you send it and stick it in our mail box. Learning to teach is somewhat difficult because it’s part of the communication skill family that I’ve never really learned how to do, so I feel that my mission is also preparing me to be more out going and open with everyone I meet.

Day 5 Jan 19:
I made it to Sunday! I was so happy when it was Sunday because I love going to Sacrament Meeting at Church and just feeling so much peace when I partake of the Sacrament and renewing my promises with Heavenly Father. I also went to Branch Council where I met, I think the equivalent of a Stake President, but for our Branch. It was a great. We then went on a walk around the Provo temple, but something that the Second Counselor of our Branch Presidency warned us about is that there would be protestors against our faith standing out there. And this was my first time ever having anyone within 6 feet of me shouting in my ear as I walked by that what I believed was wrong. It really shook me up because I’ve never experienced that before. So my companions Elder Smith and Elder Eldridge and I offered a prayer when we returned to our class room that the Holy Ghost would be with us and comfort us. And he did, it helped so much and I was able to realize that I know that this gospel is true and nothing is going to shake me from that knowledge. Later that evening we had a fireside and Sister Sheri Dew was the speaker! She was a member of the General Relief Society Presidency  for the Church and she came and talked to us about using the spiritual tools we’ve been given, such as the Holy Ghost, so open spiritual doors that we never thought it possible to open. She was amazingly awesome. Then after her address, we watched a pre-recorded video from Elder David A. Bednar on Characteristics of Christ and learning how to focus on others as Christ does, rather than on ourselves.
Day 6 Jan 20:
Our district is in a zone with another district that is learning how to do American Sign Language. It’s been awesome because I’ve been able to learn a couple of phrases in ASL such as how are you, how’s your day, thanks for asking, and such. I love my district and zone so much! It’s like a mini EFY experience here at the MTC!
Day 7 Jan 21:
Today we did our first service project by cleaning the stairs in the main admin building. Then later in the day we had Gym and our zone loves to play volleyball together, it’s been so much fun to learn how to play and to play often with my new friends. Afterwards I got a haircut, had a great time teaching our investigator Joe, and had a Tuesday Devotional where Bishop Causse’ from the presiding Bishop for the church came and spoke to us about showing kindness and love to those we teach. Then, finally, I received this giant package in the mail, and I wasn’t expecting it, turned out to be from mom, and it was huge, like, I almost died carrying it back to our residence hall, and I kept getting “Whoa!” every time people would walk by.

I’m gonna skip day 8 because it’s pretty similar to what happens almost every day, plus I don’t have a lot of time left.
Day 9 Jan 23:
In-Field Orientation, this was where we learned what to do and what resources are available to us when we get out into our mission fields. It was awesome too because Elder Christensen from the District videos was one of our instructors! So afterwards I went up and shook his hand and talked to him a little bit about it. He was very humble about it and I commended him on that.
Day 10 Jan 24:
TODAY! We went to the temple again.  It was great, I’m hoping to send pictures, but it was great go as two districts and learning more at the Temple.
Well, I love you all so very very much, I miss you all like crazy, and I hope everything is going well! Please email/write dear elder letters too! I appreciate it so much! Everyone who has sent me letters or packages I will do my best in writing you again before I leave for Oregon!

All the best,

Elder Harper

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