I looked out the window and what did I see? A Snow Storm coming right at me!

Hello Family and Friends!

I love you all so much! Thank you for being so amazing and writing me and keeping in touch! It means so much to me every week!
Feb 4:
We when out of our mission area to have a specialized training conducted by our Mission President. It was so amazing because he was teaching us from a single page in Preach my Gospel and I learned so much on how we can apply what is written there, the actual words, in our teaching, door approaches, and street contacting. I also got to see a few friends I new at the MTC there, it was great to ask how they were enjoying the mission so far. We then returned to our area and proselyted for the rest of the afternoon. Then for dinner, I had something rather unique, it was a pizza crust stuffed with cheese and meat, shaped in a horseshoe shape, and then you would tear it apart and dip it into tomato sauce. It was delicious! Even though I’ve only been here in Oregon for a short time, I’ve come to love the people more and more with every passing day. It’s been great.
Feb 5:
Today we helped a kind elderly sister in the ward weed her garden of these tiny little weeds. It was interesting experience, when you thought you had just cleared a section of these weeds (which were the size of your fingernail), more would suddenly appear! And it happened a few times before I would move to the next section. Tonight was also the first night of me cooking for my and my  companion, I took some leftover turkey given by a previous member dinner, and I mixed in some pasta mix and it turned out great!


Feb 6:
Today was the first day that it snowed while I was here in Oregon! It was really powdery similar to that of powdered sugar. It was white and beautiful for the first few days, but it made it difficult to ride bikes so we had to hoof it to most of our appointments.



Feb 7:
The snow started to freeze at night so the roads were turning in to mini skating rinks and when you would walk on the side walk the snow crunched and moved with every step, and you had to balance with each step. We had dinner at a members home and afterwards did service by helping them with some home improvement! I vacuumed stairs and painted a wall!
Feb 8:
So the craziest thing with the snow, is that it got so cold, but it started to rain, so it started to “Ice Rain” Not hail, but rain. It literally encased everything in a perfect layer of ice! It was so crazy! I’d never seen anything like this before! I’ll send some pictures of it! We also helped shovel out some driveways for our investigators and asked if there was anything else we could do to help with this weather.



Feb 9:
Sunday was interesting, because with all of the trees being covered in this ice rain, several of them were leaning over and many of them broke! Homes were without power for a few days, trees covered streets, cars, and homes. This Sunday was supposed to be our Ward Conference, but we canceled it and the rest of our meetings, except for Sacrament Meeting, so that we could help our community in clearing out the streets and finding those who needed help. I saw the sun for the first time in three days today too! It was great!
Feb 10:
Spent most of the Prep day writing letters and shopping, and later today we were able to finally ride our bikes without falling off! It was great! I never realized that I would miss riding a bike!

Well, that’s it for this week, I’ve got to get going so we can meet with our investigator later this afternoon. Thank you all so much for your support, letters, love, kindness and prayers. The Church is true!

Elder Harper

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