My First Six Weeks In The Mission!

Hello Dear Family and Friends!

Thank you so much for your emails and updates on letting me know on how you are doing.

March 4: We did tons of biking around town today, it was so much fun, but when I got home and kneeled for prayer, I was soooo sore. Haha! I guess that’s saying one of two things, we did lots of biking, or I need to bike even more and get into shape. But today we met with a former member who was waiting so long for the insurance company to get back to them with funds to help pay for a surgery that they needed. It had been a long period of time and last time we met they had asked us that we would pray with them in hopes that they would hear back from the insurance company, but just recently we found out that they are now recovering from the surgery! The power of prayer is simply remarkable, although we may not receive an answer or action right away or in the form that we want it in, our loving Heavenly Father always answers our prayers.

March 5: One of our investigators was very kind in cooking us steak for lunch today, and during that time we were discussing how things went with their visit to church and Sacrament meeting this past Sunday. I know that it’s super important to have our investigators experience what our weekly church meetings our like, especially Sacrament meeting, because it helps us to focus every week on what is important to us spiritually and to continue to promise to our Heavenly Father that we will do our best every week.

March 6: We had met with a less active member today who expressed that he would like to be our friend and to recognize that they are doing their best to be a good person in coming back to fellowship with other
local members. I’ve learned lately that it’s important to check in on members who may be less active in the ward, but to also stress how crucial it is that active members to their Home Teaching and fellowship with the members who may be having a difficult time or may be struggling. While it is great that missionaries can help fellowship these wonderful people and bring them help them Come unto Christ, it’s also vital that missionaries are also focusing on people who have not learned about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and help them understand the blessing of the Atonement.

March 7: Today we had a great Zone Training Meeting and the Assistants to the President came to observe and I even got to Role Play with them! Role Playing helps us as missionaries learn how we can better approach people in sharing the gospel in a way that grabs their attention. Later that evening we also had a Missionary Dodge ball Tournament with the local community and members! It was a blast! I was on team “Burnt Cookies” Haha! We didn’t win, but it was a lot of fun.

March 8-9: Today we found out whither we were being transferred or not at the end of the first 6 weeks. And guess what, I’m staying in my current area with my trainer/companion! I was really happy when I
found out! These weekend was also stake conference and our mission president and his wife were there also! It was a focus on how The Lord is hastening the work of salvation in these latter days. Members and
Missionaries have so much potential to work together and I hope that after my mission I can be a help to the local missionaries.

Well, that’s all for this week, it’s been so amazing here in Oregon. The Work is just beginning to build speed and it’s so exciting to be here when it does. Thank you everyone for your love, support, emails, letters, packages. Until next week!

All the very best,
Elder Harper

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