They Call Rain Here “Liquid Sunshine”

Hello Dear Family and Friends!

You all are so simply amazing and I love you! Thank you for your prayers, letters, and emails. It’s been an interesting but great week! Thank you for all that you do and I hope that you have a continued faith in missionary work. I know I do!

First off though, what in the world happened to March?! It’s April 1st tomorrow and that’s no foolin’! Crazy right? Time goes by way to fast as a missionary. Well here we go!

March 25: Today we met with several local members who haven’t been to church in a while and we are continuing to fellowship with them and build them up and see if there is anything we can do or any service we can provide. We visited one member who basically told us that they want to come back to church and that they really have missed it. Also that they would like to have home teachers and have us for dinner over once in a while. It was so refreshing to see someone who can recognize the blessings of going to church and desires to return. I compare the feeling to when someone who isn’t a member of the church, but recognizes that the Gospel of Jesus Christ brings happiness into their lives and they desire to follow Jesus Christ example to be baptized. We also met with one of our investigators who is loving everything about the Gospel and wants to continue to learn more and has been coming to church each week! It’s awesome!

March 26: I went to my very first official Zone Conference and it was simply amazing! I loved being able to fellowship with fellow missionaries and renew that excitement of missionary work! This work is truly inspirational, and the more I commit myself to it and give it my all, the more I come to love the work and the people around me. During Zone Conference we had an opportunity to have a lunch break and we were wandering trying to find a seat, which were all being quickly taken, so finally at the last available table, my companion and I started to sit down and realized that President and Sister Young were sitting down right across from us! It was such a fun experience to be able to chat with President and Sister Young about the missionary work and talk about Gospel doctrine and fellowship. What I think is the funniest thing that came out of that conversation was that they both asked me if I had lost some weight here recently! I was like, “Really? Possibly, I’m sure I must have being out here and doing my best to work hard.” I haven’t had an opportunity to weigh myself.

March 27: Today was awesome because even though several of our appointment fell through we were able to meet with one of our investigators who is super amazing! They are even having us over to watch a session of General Conference with them! They are super friendly and their dog is so happy and loves to play. It was funny because I would be talking at the table and the dog would start to put its nose in between my arm and leg and force his way in. Haha!

March 28-29: These two days were kind of short/crazy because we were able to visit a couple people who hadn’t been able to attend church recently but then we did an exchange with the other missionaries in our ward for a day. So we normally exchange at night, but we exchanged mid-afternoon. I was able to go with my Zone Leader into their mission area and visit a view of their investigators. It was a great experience overall except for the fact that after the exchange we found out that the cell phone for me and my companion died. Apparently some water or something got to it’s circuitry and it’s in a constant reboot cycle and we’ve tried everything to repair it. (So for those in our mission area reading this on my blog, we’re not ignoring you if you’ve called or texted, we just don’t have a working phone. But we have placed an order for a new one.)

March 30: This Sunday was especially awesome because one of our investigators came to church and another person who we’ve met with who hasn’t been able to come came today! It was amazing! Today was Testimony meeting where everyone shares their personal witness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, so Elder Thompson and I were able to share ours and so did the member who came today! It was such a good feeling to see them and hear from them. My companion tells me that how can The Lord give us new people to teach if we don’t care for the ones that we already have in our midst. So today was a pretty amazing day for us.

Well, thank you family for your love and support! I hope to hear from you all again soon! Keep me up to date on fun events! I love to hear about them! I love you all so much! Remember that your Heavenly Father knows and loves you too!

All the best,

Elder Harper

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