Miracles Are Real!

Hello My Dear Wonderful Family and Friends!

Thank you so much for your kind emails and letters and packages! It’s so great to hear that things are going well and that everyone is enjoying new activities and finishing up school or starting new projects! I love it! Here we go in this week’s brief email, a lot has happened so I hope I share everything that is meaningful and uplifting!

April 29th: Today we were called in by emergency by the Bishop Storehouse to help unload a truck of supplies that came a day early apparently. So right at 8 they asked us to come down as soon as possible and help out unloading and sorting as quickly as we could. It was great being able to serve beside missionaries and members in helping our local community. Tuesday a great days because we contact multiple people who are either learning more about the Gospel or who haven’t been able to attend church recently.

April 30th: So, truth be known, I’ve been battling a cold for a few days. (As I’m writing this, it’s been a couple more than that now, but I am doing better) But today I was simply not functioning well at all and so I called Sister Young, (mission presidents wife) and let her know how I was doing, she suggested that I rest for a few and then work for a while and then rest up, and you know what, it really helped a lot, I was happy that I didn’t waste an entire day of resting, but that we were able to get out and complete all that we had planned. And tonight we met with one of our investigators who we invited to be baptized and they said yes! They are already in the book of Jacob in the Book of Mormon and they are so ready to learn more about the Gospel. This is the first person I have ever met that is simply soaking everything in and accepting it all so readily. Miracles happen!

May 1st: Is it May already!?! Oh wow, that went by fast! This is crazy! Well today we had our weekly planning session and preparing for the next 10 days in advance. We met with a few people that we are teaching and one in particular really liked learning about Abinadi and how he was steadfast in his beliefs and would not fall back because he knew that what he had taught was true. I hope that I can be like Abinadi every day and be firm in the faith and be courteous and kind as I share, uplift, defend, and hasten the work of our Heavenly Father. We also had great visits with a few more people that we are teaching. It is so good to have members there who can add their testimony of how the gospel as blessed their lives.

May 2nd: Today was great because we were able to have a great Zone Training Meeting. It was really good in the fact that they asked us to go a “Gut Check” and see if there is anything that is holding us back from being the best that we can be. Any past feelings of guilt or regret that should be cleaned up or consulted about with our mission president. It’s good that they do that because several missionaries might have those questions or concerns. Today was great in that we visited with several people who have not been able to attend church recently or for a while and we were able to help lift their spirits and become better friends with them. That’s what I’ve realized lately is that you really have to befriend people if you want to invite them to do anything! Show genuine, not manufactured love, and you will see a difference.

May 3rd: Today we finished up some service for a few people that live here locally. We were also able to finish taking out the grass in a front yard in preparation for bark to be placed in. It looks really bare without any thing there but dirt. haha! That’s why we need Gospel Sod to be planted firm in our hearts! I know, I’m a bit corny.

May 4th: Yes, yes. National Holiday today I’m sure. I’m a nerd at heart, but today was great because we had all of our morning meetings and had a wonderful testimony meeting in church today. Afterwards we were able to watch a wonderful CES Devotional presented by Elder M. Russell Ballard and I learned so much from it! He truly is inspired to speak as a representative of our Heavenly Father. I highly encourage you all to read it! Just search for the CES Message on LDS.org.

Well, that’s all the time I have for today. I love you all so much and I hope to hear from each of you within the next couple of days for Mothers Day. Have an incredible week and know that our Heavenly Father is watching out for each of you! He loves you, and all He wants is the best for you. Remember that this week and the following.

All my missionary love,
Elder Harper

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