6 Months and Transfers!

Hello Dear Family and Friends!

It is so good to be able to email you and let you know how I am doing! I apologize that I was not able to email last week, so many things have been happening lately. I hope you did get to enjoy the pictures I sent. That was actually from last Monday, we had an amazing member take us around Springfield and show us the sights that we haven’t seen. Thank you for being patient with me on that. Today is a very special day! I am getting transferred! I am being sent to Klamath Falls! I am so excited about it! My new companions name is Elder Allred and we are both being “White Washed” which means, we know nothing about the area and we’re both diving in head first. Talk about an adventure! Also! Tomorrow is my 6 month mark! But whose counting? ;)
Well, I would like to share with you activities of this past week leading up to transfers. Here we go!

Tuesday July 8th: Today was really nice because we were able to visit with a wonderful family who we are teaching their daughter about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and had a family home evening afterwards. They are an incredible family and I hope to keep in contact with them. Their daughter really wants to keep learning more about Jesus and is also awesome because she knows Jujitsu. Oh! Also, we met this man who just stopped us on the street and was telling us about how he really doesn’t want everlasting life. Which was interesting to us because he was talking about how we should all love one another and help another in this life. But I don’t think he really understood what everlasting life was. My companion and I were able to explain a little bit more about how it’s living in the presence of God and to be with our families forever. And you know, he really softened up about it. He wasn’t interested in having us come to his home to share more, but he appreciated being able to have a simple conversation with on the street.

Wednesday July 9th: We were able to visit some member who have not been able to come to church recently and they were really kind and actually invited us to come back again. We had dinner at the home of
this wonderful family, and a couple topics came up about how out nation was divinely established and we connected instantly with that. They even said to please look them up when I complete my mission. Wonderful people. Afterwards we had a great discussion tonight talking about the Plan of Salvation with someone we have been visiting ever since Elder Godfrey arrived. She is very nice and we were even able to
have a member there to testify that he knows the Plan of Salvation is real that that it’s sole purpose is for families.

Thursday July 10th: Today was my final weekly planning session with Elder Godfrey. The last week of transfers, since we don’t know whose leaving, us as missionaries always strive to keep our area books up to
date so that if new missionaries come in, (Like me and my new companion Elder Allred who both know NOTHING about Klamath Falls), they will be able to pick right up where we left off. Afterwards we
went to the church to take a survey presented to the mission. We are having a General Authority come and visit us! It’s Elder Brent H. Nielson of the First Quorum of the 70. Pretty exciting! Later we had a wonderful discussion with a part member family about how through our choices show our obedience to live the commandments of God. And one of those commandments is to Pray Often to our Heavenly Father because is a such a tender parent who wants to know how we are doing personally. It was a very good discussion.

Friday July 11th: Today was Elder Godfrey’s last new missionary training and we had our Zone Training Meeting. Some of the new changes that our mission president is making is that if we live within 1 hour of where someone we have been teaching is being baptized, we can attend! And! If while on our mission, they make it to the temple, we can also attend with them! That is super exciting! Also, this was mentioned in the back pages of the Ensign, but there is going to be a new church video that is replacing the 20 minute Restoration video in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building in SLC. But it will be rolling out to missionaries later this year. It’s about 6 different families and their conversion stories. Our mission president said that
when we watch it we are going to need a box of tissues handy. Afterwards we visited with a member who hadn’t been to church a while and said that he is striving to come back and was really sad to possibly be seeing me go. Then we met with a man we’ve been teaching for a while who is incredibly awesome, and we were talking about the temples with him and why they are special and important to God and how we can be sealed with our families forever in them.

Saturday July 12, Sunday July 13: These past two days we were visiting people in our area and giving service to another, but all day we were on pins and needles waiting for the phone to ring and for us to get
our transfer calls. The Zone Leaders called and said, Elder Harper your staying and training again, Elder Godfrey you’re going up to Corvallis. We were like, wait what? Okay. But then they said Just Kidding! Elder Harper you’re going down to Klamath Falls and Elder Godfrey you’re staying. Packing was a chore and a half, I sincerely believe that God had a hand in helping me pack. Everything fit just barely! I am sooooo cleaning out things when i get to Klamath, but what’s hard, is it’s all stuff I need. Ugh. I was so scared when I was putting my bike away, that was the one thing that I really did not want to put away. But again, I Know God Helped Me with that. As did my companion. Sunday was difficult to say goodbye to the ward members whom I’ve grown close to over the past few months. The Bishop of our ward pulled me aside and gave me lasting words of comfort and thankfulness for my service in the ward. It was very kind of him to do that. After church, a man that we are teaching asked to feed us dinner in my going away and later we met with a member who is so amazing and loving, but is needing help strengthening her testimony.
We reviewed the plan of salvation and placed emphasis on how the Savior is our Mediator in the plan and how we can rely on Him every day.

Well family and friends, I hope you have enjoyed reading this very long email. I hope it makes up for last week. Know that I love you all and pray for you always. These are certainly adventurous times for me and my new companion I hope we do well in our next area.

All the best,

Elder Harper

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