Moving Right Along Into Fall!

Hello Dear Family And Friends!

How has your week been? Have you felt the cold front that has swept over the country? We sure have down here in Klamath Falls. It’s like a night and day difference. One day it’s 90º outside and the next it’s raining and down to a high of 50º. It’s kinda crazy, but it’s great because it means that Summer has come and gone and we are beginning the wonderful season of fall! I like this season for a few reasons; I love cooler weather, my birthday is coming up in a few weeks, and I love the trees and the colors that the leaves turn!

This week was kind of a bumpy one for me in the beginning because this was the first time on my mission where I have actually gotten sick. Monday night I wasn’t feeling to good and later that evening I vomited. So on Tuesday I was in touch with our mission medical advisor Sister Kleinman and she is awesome, gave be some good tips on what to do and I actually talked with a member who is a doctor and he quizzed me over the phone to see what could have caused it, and apparently, stress and dehydration. It’s been pretty warm here lately. It’s cooled off though and I am doing much better. Tuesday the Zone Leaders were able to help us out by exchanging with us so that we could still get done the things we needed to while I was on bed rest. Rest assured I am doing a lot better.

Speaking of Tuesday, it was the day that our recent convert was able to go to the temple and do baptisms for the dead for the very first time! She has been a member for 3 years but has not been able to attend the temple. This is incredible because after wards we were able to talk with her about her experience and she just loved it and truly felt a wonderful spirit there. It’s incredible that she is making these leaps and bounds. Her husband at first was against the church, but he is now very active and now that she is building on her activity in the church, their relationship is even getting better and she was telling us that they are considering going to the temple together! And possibly being sealed! :D It’s super exciting and she is an incredible lady!

Also on Tuesday we were teaching our weekly Book of Mormon class and it went great! We are just working through each chapter of the Book with returning members and active members who are supporting those in attendance. We read about how Nephi was commanded to get the plates and the trials that he went through. Seriously, after seeing an angel of God, his brothers still didn’t believe. I’m like, “How much more proof do you need?!”

This week we were also working with our Ward Council discussing each of the people that we are teaching and the returning members. It went really well, our Bishop is VERY missionary minded and it helps a lot because he wants us to always make assignments to the ward council on every person we are teaching before we move on to the next one. I’ve been hesitant about this because I don’t want to be demanding of the ward council, but we are slowing working our way in to working well with the members with out a huge to do list. It’s sort of a balance that you need to work with.

This week we also were able to have a pizza party since we were second place in having clean cars in the zone! Even though, 1 we don’t have a car, and 2 we didn’t win though. But, we got pizza because we’ve been the best for Klamath since forever I guess, so we were rewarded for being very clean.

In wrapping things up, I would like to add my simple testimony that I know that the Atonement is real and that it provides a way for us to be clean, become perfected in Christ and be with our eternal families again.

Well dear family and friends I hope that you have an enjoyable week and I am super excited to see what happens this next transfer! I have a deep love for my companion and quite frankly, I would to be with him again, but we will see what the Lord has in store for each of us.


Elder Harper

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