Faith Without Works Is Dead . . . And So Are Transfers

Hello There!

This week has truly been inedible and filled with lots of activity! I am very grateful for the chance I get to share with you my perspective and what I was able to learn and do this week. It’s been filled to the brim of activities that were just back to back. So here we go!

So Tuesday we had Elder Allred from Florence join us for the day and it was an awesome day! We were able to go to the Senior Center to do some service and what’s awesome is that we each had an amazing job to do! I washed the dishes, Elder Smith dried, and Elder Allred played the piano for the seniors! And they loved it! He truly has a talent, he doesn’t read music, but he can just play it and make it sound good. Everyone was clapping when he concluded a song and commenting on how well he could play without music. It was great! We also helped at the food bank and with three missionaries on the job we were bagging up food in no time! Afterwards we helped a member, who hasn’t attended church in a while, with his sound system and re-wiring it for him. He was so appreciative of it that he wants us to come by more often and even wants to treat us to dinner! He is so kind.

Wednesday was pretty amazing as well because not only did we serve at the Soup Kitchen at the Methodist church and Food Bank, but we had a chance to sit down with R. and M. with a member and we were able to teach about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and how we can have Faith to change, Repent, be Baptized and be Taking the Sacrament, receiving The Gift of the Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the End. It was great to discuss that with them and share how it has truly blessed our lives know that Jesus is the Christ, that He did take upon our sins, but we need to do our best to live like him because Faith without Works is Dead (See James 2:17).

Faith Is Like Walking On Water

Just thought I would include an inspirational picture in my post. Feel free to reshare. :)

Thursday was wonderful to be gathered together as missionaries to have a Specialized Training Meeting. This truly his a moment in history in the Oregon Eugene Mission. With all of the missionaries who came in from October 2012 are going home these next few transfers. But I loved the message that was shared that we must continue on and press forward, never slacking up our work because we only have 2 Years to serve. I like the phrase #YOSO, (You Only Serve Once). Later that evening we were able to meet with a wonderful family that was recently baptized last year and share with them a video entitled Always Remember Him. I love it because it helps me to better understand the suffering that Christ went through and how I can truly remember Him every day and every week.

Friday was great because not only did we have our Zone Training Meeting in North Bend, but then later that evening we were able to have our Ward Bowling Night! It was great because it really was an effort by the congregation to invite people all around the community to have friends be there during bowling night. There were many people there who have not been coming to church very often and even R. and M. were there and we bowled with them! They loved it! So the First Friday of Every Month is Bowling Night in Reedsport!

Oh my goodness, Saturday and Sunday were such a rush of excitement. I was truly surprised and excited when I found out that I was going to be staying with Elder Smith for another transfer! I was so happy and so was he! We just love each other like brothers and we love the area so much. We also found out that one of the sisters in our district is going home after completing her missionary service. So when I missionary goes home, we say that he or she “died”. Just in case you her that lingo, we really don’t die but I thought I would explain my title a little bit. Later Saturday night we attended a Baptismal Service for T. in Florence. The Sister Missionaries there had been teaching her and we invited R. and M. to come and they did and they loved it! R. texted us afterwards and thanked us for inviting him and said he couldn’t wait for his turn! It was great! So on Sunday everyone was so happy to hear that we were both staying! And later we had dinner with the Bishop and his grandson and we shared the Always Remember Him video and they loved it as well. At this point we are really going to just keep teaching gospel principles to him until the day comes when he decides from himself to be baptized. After that we met with R. and M. again and we taught ray the 15 Step Stop Smoking program and he was so enthusiastic about it. My companion said that normally the hardest part about the program is taking the box of cigarettes and crushing them in your hand. But oh my goodness, he took that box and just crushed it in less than a second! That is how serious he is about it! So we are really excited to help him with this because this is something that he wants to be able to do personally, not for just being baptized.

Well, other than that we are really excited to be staying together for another transfer!!! We hope to make the best of things here in Reedsport and make a difference where we can.

-Elder Harper

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