Missionary Companions AKA Dynamic Duos

“Ye shall go forth in the power of my Spirit, preaching my gospel, two by two, in my name, lifting up your voices as with the sound of a trump, declaring my word like unto angels of God” –D&C 42:6

“Preaching the gospel two by two is the pattern established by the Lord. The testimonies of two companions support each other in proclaiming the truth and bearing witness of it. Companions support each other in other phases of their work. They help each other learn and grow. They strengthen each other in times of difficulty. They can provide protection from physical danger, false charges, and temptation. Love and respect your companions. Look for good in each companion. Find ways to serve each other. Work together in a spirit of unity. Study together every day. Pray together frequently throughout each day. Talk with each other openly and frequently. Contention will drive the Spirit away.” –Missionary Handbook

I wanted to take the time this weekend to simply state to my readers that I am very grateful for all of my missionary companions, specifically my current companion Elder Smith. Missionary companions can be, if you allow them to be, friends for life and eternity. My sister once compared missionary companionship’s to be a “dynamic duo” out to tell the world about Jesus Christ. Companions should uplift, encourage, correct, and inspire each other to work hard while only serving for a short two year mission. #YOSO (You Only Serve Once)

When I think about it, every companionship that I have been in has helped me to improve and be a better missionary. Not many people know this, but companions are assigned by prayer and inspiration of the Mission President. He sincerely prays about each individual missionary to know where they are needed the most. I have a firm belief and testimony that our former President (Mark Young) and current President (Jeff Russell) are inspired to know where we can be most effective. Quite honestly I have seen miracles happen in the lives of my companions and in my own. It is indescribable the joy I feel when I can be a tool in The Lord’s hands wherever He may need me.

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