Zone Conference And Upcoming Transfers

Hello There!

How are you doing this fine morning! I am absolutely loving the weather right now, we’ve been having a lot of rain lately and so with the sun shining it makes me feel really happy.

Anyway, to kind of keeps things simple and brief this week I really appreciated what was taught at Zone Conference in North Bend about the following.

1. D&C 6:32-37 Remember Fear is the Antithesis of Faith – Theme

2. The Atonement/Resurrection.

3. The Doctrine of Christ 2 Nep. 31, 3 Nep 11, about our purpose of missionary work

4. D&C 50:11-22

5. Faith

6. Prayer – How to help our investigators pray

7. Fear Not I Am With Thee – President Uchtdorfs talk given at the Mission Presidents Seminar

8. The Restoration of the Priesthood as taught in Preach My Gospel

9. How to organize a proselyting area.

I learned so much and I hope apply what was taught. Overall this week simple but good. We received 3 referrals recently. One was from a member in North Bend who gave us a phone number to call and setup an appointment with their friend which was awesome. But what I think was one of the exciting things about the other 2 referrals is that we found them online in our Missionary Referral Manager and they had never been contacted because we don’t have any record of missionaries talking with them or anything like that! So we are taking that as 2 referrals that went to and asked for a visit from the missionaries. I feel bad because I didn’t know that that referral manager was there and we didn’t get anything pushed to our Area Book on our mobile devices. Best rest assured we will be contacting them here shortly!

Other than that we are going to be visiting with a man named B. that Elder Smith contacted while we were on exchanges. Super awesome, and it sounds like he is interested in talking with and learning more about how we can me married to our spouses for time and all eternity!

I am excited to hear about transfers this coming Saturday! I know that where ever I go, The Lord will guide me and help me as I strive to be a worthy missionary.

Elder Harper

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