Aloha From Newport!

Hello Family and Friends!

I hope that you had an enjoyable week! This certainly has been an incredibly eventful one for us. Here are some of the highlights from our week!

This Wednesday we had a wonderful opportunity to attend the Portland Temple with all of the missionaries in Corvallis and in Coos Bay. It was great because a family who was recently baptized took us and it was their first time walking around the temple gardens and checking out the Visitor Center. It was such a spiritually uplifting experience and I am grateful for the chance I had to be companions with Elder Hanssen when we attended the emple. We went to Olive Garden for lunch and swung by Deseret Book just across the street. I bought Elder Hanssen and I a Portland Temple Pin.

Portland Temple

Corvallis Zone Missionaries

Speaking of the temple we invited D. to pray about a day that she would like to go up to the temple with another recently baptized member and perform baptisms for her ancestors. It’s great because the recently baptized member is a family history consultant and could possibly help her find family names! It will be amazingly awesome if she gets to do that before she leaves for Arizona.

The other highlight of this week was getting ready for the Luau. It was just incredible how everything just seamlessly came together. We had so many members who were willing to step up to plate and offer to help with tents, food, setup, decorations, the whole sha-bang! We started preparation for it at 3 PM on Saturday, people started showing up at 5-5:30 PM, the Luau was from 6-8PM, clean up after that, and we did not sit down for one minute till 9 PM. I am not joking, we were SO SORE! But it was incredible being able to mingle with members of different faiths! Having an event were members of different congregations and beliefs could come together and be neighbors and friends in the community I feel is so needed in a world that seems to be collapsing in on itself. We need to unite with each other on common ground because we either stand together or face the world alone.


Elder Boyd, Elder Harper, Elder Hanssen, Pastor Ed Milliken, Bishop Vaughn Marchant, President and Sister Russell

This week was great and we are super excited that we can write this event off in our journals and continue the great work of the Gospel in missionary work. I love being able to serve with Elder Hanssen, he has taught me a lot and these weeks are just flying by it’s so scary some times! But he is a great companion and I am loving working with him.

Have a great week!

Elder Harper

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