Change Always Gets To Me

Hello There!

Things have just been amazing here in Newport! I am loving working with Elder Hanssen and I am soooo sad that he will be leaving. I feel like we have just grown so close and I will miss him deeply. I hope to spend time with him after the mission and keep in touch with him while I am continuing to serve. This coming week will be a somber but invigorating week as I wish to give Elder Hanssen the best week of his mission before he returns honorably. But here are some of the weekly happenings and highlights!

We were so thrilled to have a new senior couple coming to Newport, we were actually kinda worried what we would do without one because they are so helpful and so needed here. They can connect with people on a level that we can’t at times. The Sutterfield’s are just incredible. This is their first mission and they are a very young if not the youngest senior couple in the mission. The Deal’s were amazing as well and they have literally become our adopted grandparents. The Sutterfield’s though since they are so young are becoming our adopted parents! They are just amazing and we have already put them straight to work! And what’s even more incredible is that we were able to have a lesson with a member who hasn’t been coming to church for a while and they made her feel so welcome and loved. They are exactly what that member needed in the right moment in their life.

We also introduced them to several of the recent converts that we have been meeting with including D. Sadly D. will be leaving us this week and we are so sad but we are excited for her new adventure!! After her baptism and confirmation, she met with a member of the Bishopric and received her Temple Recommend to go to the Temple and do Baptisms for her Ancestors! It was awesome to sit down for a couple minutes with her and another recent convert doing searching on her Family History lines to find deceased members of her family that she can take their names to the Temple and allow them the same chance of accepting the Gospel as D. as accepted the Gospel. I think that is just so amazing how our Heavenly Father’s plan makes it possible for those who have not even heard about Jesus Christ to be taught after this life. Just awe inspiring.

We are hoping to have another baptism coming up in August. I am really hoping that there are two people that we are visiting with that are so prepared to learn more about the Gospel, and if we can help them keep their commitments they would be just as incredible as D..

Have an amazing week and we will visit again soon!

Elder Harper

3 Comments on “Change Always Gets To Me

  1. We are so glad to hear the new senior couple are being a big help to you. Sounds like you and Elder Hanssen are doing well. We miss you — much love, the Deals.

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  2. Thank you so much Elder and Sister Deal! We miss you so much and hope that you are doing well down south! Be safe and we hope to hear from you again soon!


  3. I agree with what you said about them. It’s very true and kind. But don’t forget, “you” are an amazing missionary yourself! You’ve blessed me and many others with your time, teaching and care. This is true also. We also really love your infectious smile. You are truly blessed~

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