Old Endings, New Beginnings

Hello There!

Let me just start this off by how this week has been for me emotionally. It’s been so hard. It really has. I deeply miss Elder Hanssen. He was such a wonderful companion to me. You just so close to someone as a dear friend and brother in Christ that it’s so hard to say goodbye. I know that I will be able to email him and such, but it’s hard not being able to work with him anymore. I have such a hard time with change. It’s good for me though, it really is. You can get to attached and perhaps to comfortable with a certain routine or person that you forget what this life was all about. Change is progress, I can’t remember who said this so I am paraphrasing, if we are not willing to change or to stretch ourselves to reach for something more than that makes us prideful. We should always be happy, but never content with where we are at. We should always be striving for something more.

That’s something I learned while I was with Elder Hanssen. He taught me that I already know what I need to do be be an amazing missionary, I just need to do it and stick to it! Which is what I am doing to do! He was trying to eat more healthy before going home, and it’s just amazing because I started doing that too, and I want to continue to do that. Yes, I miss the tasty treats and what not of today’s world, but now it’s not that big of a deal to me, I like eating healthy. Also, Morning Exercise has become more important to me. Normally whenever I did exercise in the morning, it included a couple push ups, curl ups, stretches, basically anything that just wakes me up. But thanks to Elder Hanssen, we started running around the local track! He would do like 8 laps, so 2 miles. Ha, yeah, I’m not quite there, yet. But last we ran I did 5 laps! I was so happy! It’s a hard thing to do if you don’t do it regularly, but there is a sign on the track that says, “One more lap, one more set, it’s a lifestyle, do you best!” Totally true, I didn’t feel like doing 5, but I pushed myself. Honestly, I feel like these past two transfers have been the best of my mission. I just feel like I can do all things. I can do hard things, and that’s what’s been super hard for me with Elder Hanssen leaving.

Yep, it’s change, it’s hard, getting to know someone you sorta know. But truthfully, it’s going to be awesome. I can already feel a great connection with Elder Billmire who is from Texas! (Yes! Another companion who isn’t from Utah! Haha! Just kidding, but it’s fun though saying “I’m from New Mexico and he’s from Texas! Yep! Not your stereotypical Mormons!”). He and I don’t talk much like in lessons or what not, to be honest Elder Hanssen did a majority of the talking, which was okay because I loved hearing him teach because he just was so insightful and I promise that I did talk too, but he was just amazing at teaching. But, Elder Billmire and I think will get along great, I hope that both of us can take turns in leading out on discussions and being prepared to teach correct principles. It’s going to be awesome.

So, since I basically took half this letter to talk about change and my companions and my feelings, I will keep my weekly happening’s brief. This week has been amazing with the Sutterfield’s. It’s their second week out here and they are such a help to us and they are very go get’em in finding people that we can work with together and fulfilling any assignment that we give them or that the ward gives them. They are just awesome, and even then that’s an understatement. We met with Robin this week and later we got a text from her that she has something exciting to tell us and that she is praying about it and will let us know. She is not a member but is a dear friend of a great family in the ward who are amazing fellowshipper’s for her. I hope that Robin makes the decision to ask God if The Book of Mormon is true and if Joseph Smith was a true prophet. I know that if she does she will see so many blessings start to pour into her life. This week was also kind of a bummer since Debra was moving to Arizona, but she made it safe and sound! Hopefully the missionaries have already contact her and will follow up with what we have taught her thus far and keep her on the path towards attending the Temple. Overall this week was incredible because we were just seeing little tiny miracles come into place on how we blessed the lives of those we are teaching. And I hope that it helps in any way.

This weekend was really hard for me. Just having to emotionally detaching myself from Elder Hanssen, it’s hard as I already shared. But we help bless the Sacrament together at his last Sacrament Meeting as a missionary, and he gave a powerful testimony of the blessings of serving a mission. The closing song for the meeting was Come, Come Ye Saints and it was so powerful for me at the end when it says, “All Is Well, All Is Well.” I just started tearing up, I know that all will be well. This is part of life, part of God’s plan for me. I know that He does have a plan, and I know that He reveals to my mission leaders where I need to serve and who I need to be with. I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to serve with each of my companions.

Well, I hope that you have an amazing week! I know that we are planning on it! I hope to work hard with Elder Billmire and prepare him for taking over the area when I am transferred.

Until next week!

Elder Harper

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