God’s Timing

My companion came across a spiritual meme earlier this week from a talk given by Elder Neal A. Maxwell.meme-maxwell-faith-timing-1501492-wallpaper

This quote intrigued me because I know Elder Maxwell to be a fairly proficient writer and powerful speaker. I felt strongly prompted that I needed to search this quote and find the entire talk. I typed it into my search bar using quotations marks to find the exact quote. After a couple minutes, there was only one search result found in the July 2002 Ensign Church Magazine. This address was given in February 2001 addressed to members of the Church Education System (CES).

You would not believe what God had in store for me. I was certainly not expecting this, and I know without a doubt that what I was about to read was a personal message from God through one of His Apostles. I want to share with you a paragraph from this address that I feel would best describe how I am currently feeling about God’s Timing.

“We fail to focus on and to develop patience as well as faith. These two attributes are in tandem; they go together. By the way, if we are meek, being tried means being developed. We don’t look at impatience in terms of its downside. When we are impatient, in effect, we do not honor what is implied in the words “in process of time.” We foolishly wish to have some of life’s moments over and done with, seasons to be over with, ignoring the possibilities for service that are inherent in them. We are somewhat like airline passengers in America who fly coast to coast and resent the space in between; but there are souls down there, not just sagebrush! Yet we want to fly over some experiences. It is so likely we will miss the chance to be of service. So it is with life’s seeming in-between and routine spaces! Impatience puts us at risk.”

What an incredible description on how many of us today mistakenly view the passing of time or events. I have to be honest. Seeing several of my new found friends here in the mission, the Sister Missionaries that came out with me from the Missionary Training Center, and particularly my companion leave for home has made it very difficult for me not to feel like “flying over” these last few moments of my mission. It’s been hard because I want to be with them enjoying life back home and doing whatever. Every missionary has those feelings especially as you get closer to that time.

But, what I read today I feel was God telling me that He still needs me here. He needs me to not pass over the people in Oregon like “sagebrush”. I wasn’t called to serve in the Oregon Eugene Mission to only serve a couple months or a year or what not. I wasn’t called to start now and I wasn’t called to end now. I was Called To Serve on October 10, 2013 and to report on January 15, 2014. I am not to be released till 2 years following my report date. Why? Because this is my time to serve God and to proclaim the message of Jesus Christ and His Restored Gospel. God’s timing for me was I feel absolutely perfect. Ha, go figure. I was where I was needed before my mission, and I know I am where I need to be for God’s eternal purposes. All I need to do is have faith in His plan for me and to be anxiously engaged in finding ways to serve others.

Your Thoughts?

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