Little Miracles Make A Big Difference

Hello There!

This week has certainly been quite the adventure for me and Elder Billmire. I think the first week of every transfer is an adjustment. Just getting to know the person that you are working with and their likes and dislikes. It’s a good thing, not everyone is the same and that is a VERY good thing because I think this world would be pretty boring if we were all the same. It’s great to have someone to work with who is similar to yourself so that you can bond on commonalities. I think Elder Billmire and I are doing great, we are working well together this first week and it’s been a great experience thus far. I still really miss Elder Hanssen a bunch, but I know that he is going to be fine, I’m going to be fine, everything will be fine. But I did send him a lengthy email. :)

This week was great in the fact that we met with several of our Recent Converts who are just awesome. Their souls radiate of happiness and joy whenever we sit down and learn more about the Gospel together. This week was also incredible because we had a crazy amazing miracle happen. We were going and visiting a few families with the Senior Couple and one in particular I guess I had selective hearing or something because I didn’t understand that one was a part-member family. We walk in and start talking to them and we just hit it off with them and the senior couple were great fellowshippers! Elder Sutterfield asked them if we could stop by Monday night and share a message with their family and they were open to it and so we are going by to visit them this week. But this is where our little miracle comes into play. I didn’t realize that one family member hasn’t been to church in a while and that the other was not a member, and so me and my companion were super excited that with the amazing help of the senior couple found someone new who would be interested in meeting with us! We are looking forward to that and it was an answer to prayer because we’ve been really trying to find more people who would be interested in just hearing us out and what our divine message is and simply ask God if it’s true or not. Nothing pushy, just a direct invitation to act. Our other miracle is that we were going through our Area Book of everyone that we make contact with and one family in particular that the Sister Missionaries were teaching, but then handed over to the Elders when they were taken out, stood out to us. But the address was bad because they had moved, but there was a phone number!!! So we called it and the mom answered and she said she was driving but that she was super happy that we called and that she would call us back or that we should call her back and that they would be interested in us stopping by. A whole family who are not members just looking to learn more about Jesus Christ! Super super exciting! All in all this week was full of tiny miracles. I am getting better at recognizing it because if I don’t then it’s harder for me to see the hand of God in my life each day.

Also, Friday we got to go to a Nashville Tribute Concert in Corvallis! Talk about awesome! It wasn’t like mosh pit or anything, it was held in an auditorium. But it was great because we got to do a little meet and greet and prayer with the band members before the concert. And guess what?!?! I got to sit next to my former companion Elder Smith! It’s been so long!! It was great to sit next to him and visit. We practically visited the entire concert quietly. We took lots of pictures together. It was just an awesome experience. I think I was more excited to see all the missionaries than the band. Haha!

Great Picture of Me And Elder Smith And Elder Eldridge! MTC Companions Reunited!

Us And The Nashville Tribute Band

Us And The Nashville Tribute Band

Okay, another amazing thing that we are planning is that we are having a follow up activity on the Luau! It’s called Adios Summer and we are inviting all the churches that participated last time and we are going to have it on August 31st as a inter-faith community family night. It’s going to be similar to the Luau, but we are asking everyone to bring their own meet if we bring the grill, and then assigning specific congregations to bring drinks and dessert. Very simple. Hopefully all goes well and we are hoping that each leader from the congregations can meet together and just build friendships and unity in the community. We want to keep this relationship alive because it’s crucial that religious organizations band together in a world that seems to forever descend in morals.

I hope you have an amazing week and I will keep you posted next week about everyone that we are meeting with! I am looking forward this next week. Working with Elder Billmire has been good. He is a genuine man with a big heart and he knows his stuff about missionary work. I hope to continue to get to know him more this transfer and that we can work well together. He’s been asked to offer almost every prayer since we’ve been together since he’s the “new guy” in town. Haha!

Well, until next week!

Elder Harper

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