A Year On The Coast

Hello There!

I just want to start out by sharing with you how blessed I feel to have been able to spend not only six months in the beautiful scenery of Newport while serving my mission, but that I also was able to spend an entire year on the coast! Yep! Today marks the 365th day of me starting my service in Reedsport for six months and shortly thereafter being transferred up to Newport. What an incredible journey is has been to be serving as a Missionary for our Savior Jesus Christ and sharing His Gospel with those in this area. I’ve seen so many miracles happen here. One in particular that I will always remember is having the privilege of baptizing D. What a joy that was for me to be the missionary who could open the gate to the promised blessings our Heavenly Father has for us if we covenant and promise to live His commandments. I will forever remember the times spent here in Newport and I am so grateful for the people I’ve been able to meet and the relationships I’ve built. I will be back hopefully soon to visit! On the other side of it though I am so incredibly grateful for the opportunity I have to be called to serve in Grants Pass, OR as a Zone Leader while my companion goes to be a District Leader in Santa Clara. What a responsibility this will be for both of us and certainly not one that I was expecting, but I am grateful for the time to serve and hope I do so to the best of my ability. I am excited to both be working with Elder Kunz  who is returning home this next transfer and Elder Gurvine who entered the mission with me at the same time. I am excited to see what this next transfer will bring.

This week honestly was really good in preparing for this coming transfer. We both had a feel that we were leaving but we knew that we wanted to fully prepare this area for anything that was going to happen. We followed up with several folks and we prepared several notes on who we were visiting with and what the next missionaries could do to help further. With Labor Day and school starting this next week there was a lot of hit or miss with the people we contacted. But we setup future appointments and follow up for the next set of missionaries. We also made sure that several of the people we are teaching are being fellowshipped more by the members than us because this is what happens, missionaries leave but the members stay!

Truthfully, I am really super bummed about not being here this next transfer because there is so much potential here that we recently found and I am sorta envious that I don’t get to see those miracles happen in person. I’ve noticed that in almost every single transfer when either someone comes or goes. You meet new people and you can touch on their lives for the time that you are there, and just as new missionaries come in you meet another amazing person who would like to learn more about the Gospel and you think to yourself, “Where have you been all this time?” I really am excited for this next transfer for Newport and to hear about the good things to come.

Sunday was really hard for me because I literally have grown so close to this ward! This was my third six month area! I literally consider these people here my family. We were able to share our testimonies today in Church and I expressed my love for them and for this great missionary work. I know that this Gospel is true, there is no doubt in my mind because it all just makes sense! It literally does! I am so grateful to be a missionary at this time. I will never get a chance to be a young missionary ever again, and so I hope I use this time to the fullest.

Thanks again for all that you do! Have an incredible week! Can’t wait to write you about Grants Pass!

All the best,

Elder Harper

Last View Of The Ocean (I Literally Tried So Hard Not To Get Emotional.)

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