Nothing Happens Until You Find

Hello There!

This week I just have to say has been incredible as we have been working very hard as a zone to find new people to teach. As it says in the Missionary Handbook, “Nothing Happens In Missionary Work Until You Find Someone To Teach”. So we made that happen after we were given some very direct instruction, we found 20 new people to teach within 3 days! It was incredible! This is how we did it. We came together as a zone and held an emergency meeting where we discussed our own determination and drive to find new people to teach.

We came up with a plan as a zone that we feel proved very effect once we initiated it. We are doing “Zone Blitz’s” twice a week in each area of our zone. So for example this next week we are going to be going to Merlin on Tuesday and Cave Junction on Friday. All the members of our Zone. We have two sets of missionaries on both sides of the street talking to people as we walk by and knocking on doors for two hours straight! Then we give all the contacts we made to the missionaries serving in the area to follow up on later. This literally built such a unity between all the missionaries in our zone. I feel like it was because we were doing this together and we came to this decision to help one another in a time of need.

At the end of each day we would hold a Zone Conference Call and we told each other how many people we had found throughout the week and what our plans were for the next day to find more and then any other Zone Announcements we had. We are planning on doing this every Wednesday, Saturday, and then Sunday for a final accountability. Both Elder Roller and I hope to see many miracles in finding come from these efforts. This week we also were able to meet with a young man who we invited to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized! It was great! He believes everything that we believe and even his grandma is a member!

Elder Roller and I hope to start this next week with confidence and zeal towards our missionary efforts and to keep with this momentum that we have gained. I am grateful for my dear companion Elder Roller. He and I have grown so close to one another we literally are like brothers. I would love, hope, and pray that I get to stay with him for my final transfer.

Have an amazing week!
Elder Harper

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