Enjoying This Fall Weather?

Hello There!

How was your amazing incredible fabulous week? We had such a great week! Things here in Grants Pass have been just been progressing each and every day! I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to lead out such a wonderful zone and being able to help them in their missionary work. One of the big highlights that we had this week was that we were able to attend the Medford Temple! It was amazing because we went with a few members of the YSA and it was a great experience! I learned so much from being at the Temple and I just feel a spiritual revitalization when I attend. I have seen how the Zone grows closer together both in the Spirit and in this great work that we are so heavily engaged in.

This week we were also able to meet with our amazing part member family! They are the coolest! We were recently visiting with them about the Plan of Salvation and the happiness that this plan can bring into our lives. We testified of the fact that they can be married for eternity and we also testified that even though we may not know everything, we must have a testimony and firm belief in Joseph Smith being a true prophet of God and that he did indeed translate the Book of Mormon. Those two alone hang the entirety of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We shared with them the Testimony of Elder Holland on the Book of Mormon and it was powerful. The spirit entered the room and we were then able to add our testimonies of the Book of Mormon and the Prophet Joseph Smith. This is all worth it. Everything is worth it. Being a missionary is worth it! I love it! I don’t want it to end!

This week we also found 98 New People to potentially share the Gospel with! How you may ask? By asking the ward how many families have a spouse being a member of the Church and the other is not. We hope that we can reach out in love and invite them to take the missionary lessons simply because it can invite the Spirit into their home and it will give us a chance to teach more! We are super excited about this! Also we are planning on having another Zone Blitz in Beacon Hill’s ward and in our Ward later in the week.

The Zone I feel is doing great! We are all so close in the spirit of friendship! We are planning on working on strengthening our weak points such as finding with faith and teaching with power and authority. I am grateful that I have this time to lead out in a Zone and I hope that I can spend my final transfer here. I am so sad to be completely honest. I really do not want my mission to end. This literally has been such an amazing experience for me. I love serving with my companion, we have grown so close to one another and I hope that we can serve together for my final transfer.

Thank you so much for all you do!

Elder Harper

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