The Beginning Of My Last Transfer :(

Hello There!

Oh my goodness, I can’t believe that this is my last transfer as a full time missionary!! I just want to ball! I am so sad! What’s even more saddening right now is that Elder Roller is leaving me for Coos Bay! He was transferred out after only a very very short six weeks. I was really hoping to stay with him for my final transfer. It literally broke my heart to hear that he was leaving me. But, as I received my transfer call that I will be with Elder Black, I went to by bedside and I prayed to know if this was God’s will for me. And you know what? I got my answer, and it was quicker than I had expected. I heard these words come into my mind. “This is needed.” And it wasn’t like it was a harsh sentence or pity sentence, it was more like He was saying be grateful for the time that you had together, but he is needed elsewhere and you need to prepare a new zone leader. Which is what I am excited to be doing this next transfer is training Elder Black to be a new zone leader. I am looking forward to this time with him and I hope that we can see many miracles come about in our work.

Briefly this is how our week went. We were “blitzing” in Beacon Hill’s area, throughout the week as well we found 3 new people who are wanting to learn more about the Gospel! We also had an amazing lesson with our family that we have been working with. He had some very good questions for us about hard points that the public ask about the Church. I really felt the Spirit guiding me and Elder Roller in answering all of his questions to give him a better understanding. That family is super amazing and we hope to see them again this coming week. This week we also had an amazing time with all the missionaries in our zone coming to our area and helping us find new people to teach with our famous “Zone Blitz”! We’ve gotten the hang of it now and we all know the drill if our area is being blitz. We have to make sure that we have streets for every companionship to go on to knock on doors and even then we sometimes will go with other missionaries to actually DO the blitzing with them. So that was an amazing experience. Lastly this week was pretty amazing because we were able to invite people on the street as a zone to our Stake Nativity Festival for all of Grants Pass while asking people what they were thankful for this season.

This next week we have plans to promote the new #ASaviorIsBorn on at Grants Pass’ Christmas Tree Lighting! Supposedly the whole town is going to be there helping with the tree and then there is a parade even! We have help from the young single adults in bringing hot chocolate to serve for free.

Well, I can’t believe that this is my last transfer. I just got my new companion Elder Black and he seems like an amazing missionary and I hope that we can have a wonderful Christmas filled transfer together!

Thanks for all that you do!

Elder Harper

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