So, I literally jumped from one part of the coast to another when I was transferred to Newport from Reedsport. What’s funny though is that I got here by way of going through Eugene, up to Corvallis, then back out to Newport. I am not sure why I could not have just gone straight up to the coast. But, all well. I made it here safe and sound! I am excited to be serving here in Newport! The members here have been wonderful and supportive of the missionaries. We cover all of Newport, Depoe Bay, Toledo, and Siletz! It’s pretty crazy but we are anxious to see some miracles happen through hard work. I was companions with Elder McConkie, who is actually related to the former Apostle Bruce R. McConkie, but now I am serving with Elder Hanssen and Elder Kelsey. But sadly Elder Kelsey was needed in Corvallis and was transferred there a week and a half into the six week transfer. I have to say that we have been quite busy in the time that we have been together. I think this has been one of my busiest areas thus far. We also serve with the Waldport Elders just down south of us. It’s literally us four Elders and we have a wonderful Senior Couple that are serving here along the coast as well. We walk a lot and all over town, so if you are ever driving in Newport and two young fellows in white shirts and ties, it’s a pretty good guess that it’s us.

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